image of Monique the Bride, pate de verre glass sculpture made by Sue Hawker

The Bride

54 h x 40 w x 33 d cm

A Singular Occasion

It was an eagerly awaited event but I did not expect it to inspire a body of work. However, when young Celina entered the church donned in unaccustomed finery, she revealed a hidden persona. The transformation was breathtaking and Celina in her innocence was unaware of the eyes upon her. With new insight I looked at other family members. Rough and tumble kids had become poised beauties and previously laid back young men and women had morphed into serious sophisticates. We were all in a special moment and this body of work is a recording of that. Building on previous work I have used the vessel form to create a series of portraits. These vessels are spiritual repositories and I wanted them to not only capture the essence of the person but also the happiness and joy of the day. From the preschooler who overcame her shyness to the much loved grandmother at her first grandchild's wedding, the family are gathered again.


image of Dane the Groom, a  pate de verre vessel made by Sue Hawker

He Does

53 h x 18 w x 18 d cm